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A shiatsu treatment
costs 85 euros
Shiatsu treatments are covered by supplemental insurance policies at many insurance providers and either the full cost or a part of the cost is covered. You can find more information about this on the website of the Netherlands Shiatsu Association (Shiatsu Vereniging Nederland) SVN.nl

No charge is made for appointments cancelled up until 24 hours in advance. However, late cancellations are charged in full.


Studio Ki was set up by Heidy van Koesveld,
a graduate of the Zen Shiatsu Opleiding centre in Amsterdam. Heidy holds certificates in Western Medical Theory (Basiskennis van de Westerse Geneeskunde) at HBO degree level in the subjects of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology.

Allow a little over an hour for the shiatsu treatment session. The session will include a short consultation during which I will ask you about any symptoms you might have. This is followed by the shiatsu treatment which takes place on a futon on the floor. Wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing – for example, jogging pants and warm socks – and don’t eat too much just before the session.
The duration of the treatment will depend on your symptoms.
A treatment plan will be discussed after the first session.