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Whatever your approach to life, your job, your passion,
caring for yourself is really important.
Living under intense physical or mental pressure can put you out of balance.

The body expresses the disharmony that follows as either physical or mental symptoms, and sometimes both.
Shiatsu can treat the energy channels of your body so that balance is restored and energy or ki can flow.
An optimum balance of ki helps to establish resilience. It nourishes your ability to self-heal and supports
your immunity, making you less susceptible to minor ailments, injury and negative mood.

Shiatsu is used to treat a wide range of conditions including burnout, RSI, irritable bowel, back and
neck pain. Shiatsu can also be effective in the treatment of migraine, menopause symptoms,
tiredness and insomnia. Shiatsu works from the body’s self-healing principle and is a preventive and
prophylactic form of treatment.
Learn to connect with an awareness of your body and experience the gift of entering into lasting